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High Quality Loose Leaf Tea From Around The World - Taste The Difference With Tea Sante!

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Loose Leaf White Teas

A Chinese tea that is lightly oxidized, white tea is characterized by its delicate flavour and low caffeine content. White tea gets its name from the white hairs that grow in unopened tea buds. When brewed, white tea appears a beautifully subtle yellow.

Recent studies have shown white tea to boast tremendous health benefits. White tea can help bolster the immune system, promote cardiovascular health and ease digestion. We have an amazing selection of loose leaf white teas available to order online. Our loose leaf white teas range from traditional Asian flavours to exotic, unexpected blends.

Grisp and flavoury, yet smooth
$9.50 CAD
A premium tea that has exquisite haunting hints of peach whit a fresh...
$11.50 CAD
Stunning white tea. The exotic perfumy tea flavor that makes Kenyan...
$9.50 CAD
Clear slightly pale cup with a fresh aroma and a smooth velvety...
$5.00 CAD
Excellent new season flavor. The strength of the cup belies its white...
$11.00 CAD
Light rose with astringent cherry notes. Natural white tea character...
$5.00 CAD
Exquisite creamy flavour with a deep Earl Grey finish. Excellent...
$5.00 CAD
A flavory and tasty combination of mellow peaches with deep full...
$5.00 CAD