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Tea Sante is not only a destination to find quality loose leaf teas in Montreal, but also an online destination where you can order your favourite specialty loose leaf teas to be delivered to your doorstep. Having an online shop allows Tea Sante to spread our love of loose leaf tea beyond visitors to our Montreal tea house. So please, drop by Tea Sante in Montreal or explore our online shop to experience the diverse, rich flavours of our high quality specialty loose leaf teas.

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TEA SANTE is your destination to find the highest quality specialty loose leaf teas in Montreal, Quebec. We are a dedicated group of tea lovers, who strive to curate the finest tea shop in Montreal by hand selecting a wide variety of the best quality teas the world has to offer. Our mission is to spread our love of loose leaf tea to our customers by offering our specialty teas at an affordable price.

Best sellers

Samurai Matcha Tea
Sultry sweet notes peek from deep full flavored seasonal green tea.
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Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Long Zhu Tea)
Smooth with delicate and pleasing flavour and a heavenly jasmine character.
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Lemon Myrtle Tea
This deliciously lemony tea gets its incredible flavor from dried lemon myrtle leaves.
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Special Ayuverdic formula designed to relieve tensions, stress and restorative sleep.
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Total Body Tea
Total body tea combines peppermint and spearmint for their relaxing qualities
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Organic Elixir Tea
Country of origin: Sri Lanka, Japan, South Africa, Brazil
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Provence Rooibos Tea
Flavory with a floral and fruity bouquet; perfumy lavender notes. Inspired by the
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Mountain Huckleberry Tea
The huckleberry is a delicious wild berry from Sri Lanka.
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Raspberry Black Tea
This robust raspberry tea delivers delicious raspberry flavour
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