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12 Blooming Teas Gift Box
12 Blooming Teas Gift Box

12 Blooming Teas Gift Boxsale!

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About the Tea

Mix it up and stir up an aroma that will capture your senses and make you feel wonderfully relaxed. Freshen up your taste buds with this delicious set of 12 exciting and aromatic blooming teas. From special teas such as heavenly bliss, morning glory, to seasonal aromas such as the essence of nature and winter fantasy, this tea will brighten up your day no matter what the time of the year. 

The set contains the following blooming teas: infinite tranquility, heavenly bliss, sensual interlude, morning glory, friendship blossom, eternity, true love, transcending beauty, jasmine sanctuary, celestial fusion, essence of nature and winter fantasy.

Hot tea brewing method: Place one ball in your teapot (ideally clear glass for maximum visual effect), and add boiling water. (hot or boiling water allows the ball to open, which allows you to see the art of tea better).

Infuse until the ball is fully open, usually about 5 minutes. Watch the long leaves unfurl to reveal the hidden flower treasure.
Note: Do not remove the leaves after infusing – contemplate life and enjoy a rare Chinese floral Tea. If you wish to have another cup of tea, simply pour more water on the leaves and infuse for another 1-3 minutes.

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