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Bella Coola – Herb & Fruit
Bella Coola – Herb & Fruit

Bella Coola – Herb & Fruitsale!

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A predominant orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple.
Country of Origin: Blend of various dried fruits and herbs from Canada, USA, Thailand, Spain
Cup Characteristics: A predominant orange character with the lovely sweetness of pineapple
Infusion: Tending pinkish.

Ingredients: Apples, Orange Peel, Hibiscus, Rosehips, Natural flavours

Hot tea brewing method: Place 1.5 to 2 teaspoons of Bella Coola per cup (and add 1 teaspoon for the pot) into the teapot. Pour boiling water into pot and let it steep for 3-7 minutes (or longer – the longer the steeping time to more intense the flavor becomes). Pour into your cup and add sugar to taste. *do not add milk – the milk will curdle due to the ingredients in this blend.

Iced tea-brewing method: Do Not Pour Hot Liquid directly into a Glass Pitcher (to make 1 liter/quart): Place 12-15 teaspoons of Bella Coola into a teapot or heat resistant pitcher. Pour 1 1/4 cups of freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Quarter fill a serving pitcher with cold water. Pour the tea into your serving pitcher straining the leaves. Add ice and top-up the pitcher with cold water. Garnish and sweeten to taste. [A rule of thumb when preparing fresh brewed iced tea is to double the strength of hot tea since it will be poured over ice and diluted with cold water].

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