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Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Winter Harvest
Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Winter Harvest

Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Winter Harvest

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Country of Origin: Taiwan
Region: Nantou
Grade: Premium Dong Ding oolong, Spring Harvest
Manufacture type: 25-30% oxidation
Cup characteristics: Alluring fragrance with a fresh lily of the valley aroma, a bold fruity flavor and a sweet, lingering aftertaste
Infusion: Pale yellow liquor, tending slightly amber


The Dong Ding (Tung Ting) Winter Harvest tea is a one-of-a-kind blend of creamy sweet and fruity notes that make for a naturally sweet flavour. Processed in a unique way in order to achieve its color and shape, the delightful refreshing taste of this tea is sure to help you stay relaxed and energized at the same time. 

Quantity of leaf / 250ml of water 1 tea spoon
Infusion time 3-4 minutes
Infusion temperature 90°-95°C

This is the ultimate Oolong tea. Dong Ding oolong (known also as Tung Ting) from Dong Ding Mountain in Nantou, Taiwan, has a ruddy hue when infused. A traditional, baked, high-grade Dong Ding oolong, it has a sophisticated and mature taste. A roasted taste, redolent of nuts, mixed with a subtle fruitiness, almost that of plums. A sweet taste that, with a hint of bitterness often prized in good teas, transports you to a different place and season.

Dong Ding oolong tea has gained a world-wide reputation for quality among Taiwanese oolongs. It is one of Taiwan’s most famous teas internationally. The name Dong Ding comes from Taiwanese and means “Frozen Summit” because the tea pickers of old would complain that their toes were freezing when they climbed the mountain to pick the tea leaves in winter.

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