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English Breakfast Tea
English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea

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Full-bodied and aromatic, this luxury tea makes for a delicious cup that will make for a great start of the day! Made with the finest black tea leaves from Sri Lanka, this bold brew is sure to please. 

Ingredients: Luxury black tea

Allergens: No Nuts: No Gluten: No Wheat: No Sulf ites: No Soy Lecithin: No Crustacea : No Eggs: No Milk or dairy:

Packed at a factory that has a HACCP certified allergen control program.

Hot tea brewing method: As with all top quality teas, scoop 2-4 teaspoons of tea into the teapot. Pour in boiling water that has been freshly drawn (previously boiled water has lost most if its oxygen and therefore tends to be flat tasting), steep for 2-4 minutes (to taste), stir (virtually all the leaves will sink), pour into your cup, add milk, (do not use cream) and sugar to taste. When you are making a pot of tea – using loose tea of course – you will see the tea leaves uncurl and expand dramatically. This uncurling and expansion is called ‘the agony of the leaf’.

Early in British life tea was known as a health beverage and claimed all sorts of curative powers. In the 1650’s, Garway’s Coffee House proclaimed that tea amongst other things: “Tea makes the body active and lusty. Tea is declared to be the most wholesome; preserving perfect health until extreme Old Age” Afternoon tea was the invention of Anna, wife of the seventh Duke of Bedford. At that time custom dictated only two planned meals per day: a hearty breakfast and a late evening dinner. Anna in an effort to ease the “sinking feeling” began instructing her servants to prepare tea and cakes in the late afternoon. Thus began a fashionable habit, which still exists today. Britain is steeped in tea history. Think of: High Tea, The Brown Betty, The American War of Independence, The Opium Wars, The Boxer Rebellion, The Clipper Ship races from Fuzchou, China to Portsmouth UK, The Earl of Grey, English Breakfast etc.

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