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Organic Pearl Matcha Tea
Organic Pearl Matcha Tea

Organic Pearl Matcha Teasale!

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Savour the purifying cup of Organic Peal Matcha. This beverage has a lot of character with its astringent bite, as well as health benefits upon consumption. Its clean and refreshing taste will leave you feeling like a whole new person. So indulge in the fine tea and enjoy its offerings.

Country of Origin: China
Region: Jiangxi Province
Grade: Special handmade green tea, Pearl River style
Altitude: up to 2500 feet above sea level
Manufacture Type: hand rolled and formed
Cup Characteristics: Pure, clean, refreshing, astringent and healthy
Infusion: Tending bright forest green

Ingredients: Green tea

Brewing Matcha: One common misconception people have of Matcha is that is must be brewed according to the strict guidelines of the Chanoyu ceremony. In reality, Matcha can be brewed many different ways. We will detail a couple of our favorites here, as well as the ceremonial method. Please keep in mind that Matcha is best brewed using water that has boiled and then let sit for a few moments until it has cooled to roughly 180°F/82°C, (about 2-3 minutes). This allows for immediate consumption after brewing when the tea is at its peak flavor. As well, it is a good idea to sift Matcha through a tea strainer so that it will not form lumps when hot water is added.

Ceremonial Matcha: Please note that in order to brew Ceremonial Matcha you will need a set of Japanese tea ceremony tools. (Bowls, scoops, and a whisk).

1. Prepare tea bowls by warming them with boiled water.
2. Prepare your Matcha whisk by soaking the tip in the boiled water in one of the bowls for about 10 seconds.
3. Pour the water out and dry the bowl with a paper towel.
4. Using your teaspoon, add 2 scoops of Matcha to each bowl.
5. Pour 1/3 of a cup of your hot water into each bowl.
6. In a slow “m’ motion, submerge any loose bits of Matcha that may be floating on the surface of the tea.
7. Whisk the tea more briskly in a back and forth motion until the surface of the Matcha becomes frothy.
8. Consume immediately. (In Japan, it is customary to drink the entire bowl in 3 quick slurps).

Matcha Iced Latte: The drink that’s taking the west coast by storm! For this recipe you will need per serving: 1/2 tsp matcha, 2 oz hot water, 3 tsp sugar, 4 oz milk, 8 ice cubes, and 1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

1. Mix the matcha and hot water in a bowl. Stir with a whisk until completely dissolved.
2. Stir in the sugar.
3. Add milk and stir. If you like add vanilla at this step.
4. Add ice and put the mixture in a blender. Blend until smooth. If you don’t have a blender simply drink over the ice.
5. Enjoy

To make great Matcha, you need a Matcha Whisk. This one is our favorite: it is meticulously crafted with 80 bristles made of bamboo, which won’t warp or break easily. So you can whip up a great, smooth cup of Matcha every time. And this whisk is perfect for the Japanese Tea Ceremony as well – in case you get ambitious! Bamboo whisk is 10.8 cm long.

Many centuries ago, the tea pluckers in Jiangxi province would sing long songs to help pass the time during the long days of peak plucking season. Over time, these beautiful songs were set to music by the travelling troupes of players, performing them from town to town and even in large Opera houses throughout China.

While the names of the first authors of the songs are lost in time, the name of the tea is known, Pearl River green, which is plucked and processed and ground in the same way it was so many hundreds of years ago. To make it, only the finest leaves ate processed and ground using the traditional Japanese stone grinder to powder the tea. Once powdered, the leaves fully release the antioxidants and polyphenols and develop the thick, grassy character for which it has come to be prized. We’re sure you’ll like this Matcha as much as we do.

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