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Pomegranate Vanilla Lime Tea
Pomegranate Vanilla Lime Tea

Pomegranate Vanilla Lime Tea

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One-of-a-kind notes of sweetly astringent pomegranate are mellowed with sweet Madagascar vanilla. Made with the finest black tea and naturally dried lime pieces.

Ingredients: Luxury black tea, Sunflower, Calendula, Safflower petals, Lime pieces, Natural flavours

Hot tea brewing method: Bring freshly drawn cold water to a rolling boil. Place 1 teaspoon of tea for each cup into the teapot. Pour the boiling water into the teapot. Cover and let steep for 3-7 minutes (the longer the steeping time the stronger the tea). Even though milk and a dash of sugar enhance the flavor character on this tea, it is perfectly acceptable to consume this tea ‘straightup’.

Iced tea-brewing method: (to make 1 liter/quart): Place 6 teaspoons of tea into a teapot or heat resistant pitcher. Pour 1 1/4 cups of freshly boiled water over the tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Quarter fill a serving pitcher with cold water. Pour the tea into your serving pitcher straining the leaves. Add ice and top-up the pitcher with cold water. Garnish and sweeten to taste. [A rule of thumb when preparing fresh brewed iced tea is to double the strength of hot tea since it will be poured over ice and diluted with cold water]. Please note that this tea may tend to go cloudy or ‘milky’ when poured over ice; a perfectly normal characteristic of some high quality black teas and nothing to worry about!

The islanders of Madagascar have always known Pomegranates to be a special gift of creation. In their native tongue, Malagasy, they called it ampongabendanitra, or “the great drum of heaven.” Countless uses for the versatile fruit were discovered with no part ever wasted. From the leaves, they made ink, from the skin, treatments for stomach ailments, the bark was used as a vermifuge, (for ridding the body of parasites) and the fruit was used to make wine. An amazing fruit to be sure, and that’s before we consider the high antioxidant levels in the fresh fruit. So, it should come as no surprise that in 2005, when a list of “Superfruits” was coined by the food and beverage industry, Pomegranates featured prominently.

We’ve found another fantastic use for this amazing fruit – a sweet addition to our fabulous high grown Ceylon tea. What’s more, in homage to another tasty treat from Madagascar, we’ve blended it with the sultry essence of orchid vanilla. The resulting cup is outstanding – winey pomegranate notes on the nose; touches of astringent fruit and a velvety smooth vanilla finish. Thank the heavens for this one – we do!

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