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Tea Filters & Strainers

Ecobam Bamboo Infuser
A fantastic environmentally friendly alternative, this Ecobam bamboo infuser is ideal for brewing a delicious cup of your favourite loose leaf tea blend!
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Serviceable Pincer Spoon Infuser
Ideal for brewing a clean cup from any loose leaf tea, this serviceable pincer spoon infuser is made of stainless steel and is both stylish and convenient.
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Tea Ball Infuser
This stainless steel infuser adds a convenient way to enjoy tea at home.
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Tea Ball Infuser (Stainless Steel)Out of stock
This medium size tea ball infuser is an ideal accessory for steeping a single cup of your favourite tea!
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Teapotable Strainer
This stainless steel strainer is the fastest and easiest way to brew delicious, hot tea to your desired taste. Made of USFDA approved 18/8 stainless steel
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Mesh Pincer Spoon Infuser
This stainless steel mesh pincer is an ideal infuser for brewing a clean and delicious cup of your favourite tea. Ideal for a 250ml teacup.
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100 Paper Tea Filters
Our easy-to-use tea filters come in a convenient pack of 100 tea bags to give you a quick and easy way to prepare a cup of your favourite blend.
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Reusable Tea Infuser
The perfect one-cup reusable infuser that fits into virtually any mug and keeps your tea leaves in place. Reusable tea infuser Medium size for 250ml/tea cup
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IngenuiTEA TeapotOut of stock
The ingenuiTEA teapot securely holds loose tea leaves while providing enough space for expansion, making brewing tea an absolute pleasure.
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