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Rooibos tea

Invigorating Herbal Rooibos
The rich scent of fennel and licorice root and perfectly balanced with cool
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Pink Lemonade TeaNEW! A MUST TRY
Sweet and tangy, this delicious herbal tea is tantalizing served hot or cold!
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Thai Lemon Ginger Rooibos Tea
For the herbal tea drinker who has everything. A delicious ginger, lemon,
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Cardinal Mango Rooibos Tea
Delicious fruit highlights transport one to tropical climes.
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Almond Vanilla Rooibos Tea
Fruity with sweet notes. Vanilla flavoring gives the Rooibos a wonderful jazzy depth.
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Provence Rooibos Tea
Flavory with a floral and fruity bouquet; perfumy lavender notes. Inspired by the
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Organic Peach Rooibos Tea
Absolutely exquisite! Superb mouth watering sweet peach notes create a
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Organic Red Rooibos Tea
The reddish orange cup is fruity with sweet notes. Country of Origin: South Africa
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Organic Green Rooibos Tea
Fruity with sweet notes. Country of Origin: South Africa
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Organic Neapolitano Rooibos Tea
Two favorite flavors, chocolate and mint, are perfectly balanced to create an
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Organic Massala Chai Rooibos Tea
Chai Rooibos will make an excellent Iced Tea with or without milk.
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Organic Exotic Rooibos Tea
This exquisite infusion is gentle and will leave you feeling refreshed.
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Earl Grey Rooibos
Discover the best of traditional Earl Grey tea and earthy, exotic Rooibos in our
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Cherry Rose Rooibos Tea
Excellent combination of cherry, rose and rooibos. Sweet cherry notes tempered
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A Raspberry in Paris Rooibos Tea
Spritely notes of raspberry come to the fore with light overtones of rooibos.
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Cream Caramel Rooibos
This delicious Rooibos combines mellow calendula petals with sultry caramel pieces.
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Honeybush Herbal Tea
Country of Origin: South Africa Altitude: 1000 feet above sea level
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Organic Honeybush Vanilla Tea
Delicious tisane with a rich honey overtone, flavored with genuine Madagascar vanilla beans.
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